Collection: SzigetVibes Golden Collection

The most valuable and scarce of all the SzigetVibes NFTs which provides lifetime access for you and a friend to the Sziget festival. The artwork comes in the form of an animated golden 3D Sziget Festival memory. In addition to the iconic artwork and lifetime festival access, holders will also have the priceless embedded benefit of access to Sziget’s most exclusive VIP experience, including backstage special tours at the festival for your lifetime. A maximum of 10 Golden Ticket NFTs can be minted.


  • Lifetime Pass

    Lifetime access for you and a guest to all future Sziget festivals
  • Iconic Collectible

    Ownership of limited edition NFT in the form of the animated golden 3D Sziget Festival logo. Only a total of 10 editions of this SzigetVibes NFT exist.
  • Unique VIP Privileges Never-Available-For-Sale

    Lifetime access for you and a guest to Sziget’s most exclusive VIP experience, including backstage tours.
  • Digital NFT Club

    Membership and access to the SzigetVibes NFT Community with advanced notification and communication of future SizgerVibes NFT drops

The SzigetVibes Golden Collection is a category of NFTs that unlocks lifetime benefits. In order to redeem festival benefits each year, Golden Collection owners must verify their ownership on the Redemption page of the Nimi SzigetVibes website starting with February 2023 and redemption will be opened until 1st August 2023.

Real-life benefits are only valid for Sziget Festival held in Budapest, Hungary in August. You must redeem the benefits by the date specified in the redemption window or the benefits will be forfeited for that year. In the event a Festival is not held for any reason, you will not receive the benefits. Benefits are valid so long as the Festival is produced by Sziget Kulturális Menedzser Iroda Zrt. All use of or access to the benefits are subject to festival rules and regulations at all times. Access benefits have no cash value, are not transferable (as soon as NFT holder redeems the benefit) and are not redeemable or exchangeable for other consideration.