Make art accessible 

Access to the arts should be for the many, not the few. At Nimi, we believe that culture should be open for everyone to participate in, and make it our mission to create ways to make access easier and more sustainable.
By facilitating museum outreach through NFT-enabled digital collectibles, cultural institutions can increase long-term and deeper engagement with new audiences and build innovative paths to patronage.
Having a more sustainable revenue model and unrestricted funding will also enable museums to reinvest in outreach programs, ensuring that access to art is sustainable for diverse audiences and future generations.

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Museum outreach: what this means for your collection 

Nimi empowers museums and galleries to not only engage existing patrons and supporters in new ways, but also extend their reach to new audiences. In this way, cultural institutions can diversify their patrons and further democratize how people can participate in their collections.

  • Increase access 

    Open new ways for more diverse audiences to access your collection, collect and curate their own collection, and to become an art patron.

  • Boost awareness 

    Place your museum top-of-mind with audiences and start building relationships.

  • Generate demand 

    Drive interest in culture with audiences who aren’t currently engaging with your institution.

Open access to art 

The Nimi pathway for building awareness and new audience demand generation for your museum. 

  • 1. Make digital collectible

    Nimi creates NFTs of digital images of your artworks

  • 2. Display collectible

    Nimi displays the NFT in 3D gallery for each museum colelction

  • 3. Sell digital collectible

    Nimi sells the NFT to collectors and distributes process to museums

  • 4. Collector

    Collector displays the NFT in their personal curated gallery

  • 5. Social platform

    Collector invites friends to their galleries and Nimi communities

  • 6. Grow demand

    Awareness is boosted by digital marketing to actively engage new audiences

Nimi: Why collaborate with us? 

First and foremost, Nimi’s mission is to build a sustainable future for museums. To do this, we must promote art and culture engagement in ways that the next generation will embrace. Through NFT enablement, coupled with our expertise, you’ll benefit from outreach solutions that inspire, build revenue and create a sustainable business model.

Our measured yet pioneering approach to digital outreach is reinforced by the Nimi Foundation, an initiative which sees us donate a portion of our profits to technology adoption in the culture sector.

  • Strategic consulting  

    Find, identify and create engagement and access-building opportunities .

  • Global partnerships  

    Leverage worldwide connections to showcase your offering.

  • A shared mission  

    To find the right path to digital transformation.

The museums and galleries we currently work with

The outreach opportunity for niche museums with ‘hidden gem’ collections is even greater. We invite you to speak with our experts to build your unique route to market today.

Are digital collectibles the way forward for your museum? 

NFT enablement is a powerful resource for museums of all types and sizes. Nimi’s stepped approach makes it possible to begin your digital transformation journey irrespective of resources, audience size or collection.

Whether you’ve been putting outreach aside due to a lack of staff, increasing competition for attention or a limited budget, Nimi empowers you to recommit to your outreach efforts with a sustainable, long-term plan tailored to meet the needs of future generations.

Get in touch about your outreach goals 

Begin transforming your outreach in a tailored Nimi workshop. 

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How do digital collectibles support outreach activities? 

Digital collectibles in their own right have become increasingly popular in recent years. By leveraging this technology early, museums will benefit from a broader, more diverse audience. In addition, museum leaders can expect new revenue streams and enhanced engagement with a community of collectors that increases philanthropy for key projects or important causes.

Can this work with education programs for children?

The learning environment has become increasingly virtual in recent years. However, this sudden diversification may have lacked audience targeting. Now, NFT enablement presents an opportunity for museums to tailor their educational content towards children, who are already immersed in technology advancements.

Does our museum need anything specific to work with Nimi? 

No. When you partner with Nimi, you immediately extend your team with experts in the digital collectible space. In a comprehensive onboarding process, we assess every chance for you to maximize potential, from wherever you are in your digital transformation journey.

How easy is it to get started? 

Getting started is simple. After completing a tailored workshop, you’ll be able to see your museum potential clearly. If you decide to onboard, you’ll immediately extend your team with experts in the digital collectibles space. Throughout the onboarding process, we assess every opportunity to maximize investment.

Is this a short-term or a long-term proposition?

The length of this process is unique to each institution. However, our approach generally falls into three phases.

It begins with strategy and planning, where our team of experts will speak with involved stakeholders to establish key objectives, target audiences and existing assets. Then, we begin to build your digital collection, with complete pre-marketing, launch campaigns and sales execution. Finally, we analyze your post-launch performance for ‘always on’ adjustments that align to your unique engagement goals.

As guidance, an example from a current partnership involved a timeline of 30 days to plan, and a further 30 days to execute and launch. However, our team remain by your side to support ongoing opportunities.

Do we need to make a large capital investment?

There is no upfront cost to partner with Nimi. Your implementation fee will be covered by initial sales. Get in touch for a detailed ROI forecast.

Who is Nimi?

Nimi is a diverse team of long-term cultural allies, finance experts, fintech developers and management consultants. This blend of experience powers an agnostic approach to NFT enablement. Find out more about our team and credentials on our about us page.