Digital-led innovation and the museum opportunity  

Nimi is a team of cultural advocates with a clear mission: to support museums for long-term success through digital transformation. We leverage NFT technology to enable new revenue and engagement solutions that deepen your impact, diversify revenue streams, increase engagement and encourage philanthropy.

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What are the challenges facing your museum today? 

Digital transformation offers a unique opportunity for museums to engage with the next generation of patrons and create new growth opportunities. We’ve identified three key challenges faced by cultural institutions today and how we can overcome them to support sustainable, long-term development. 

  • Grow Funding 

    A digital collectible offering can be an effective addition to your Museum Shop, supporting your short-term and recurring revenue goals. Digital collectibles, facilitated by NFT technology, present a unique opportunity to connect your earned revenue better with the collections.

     Grow your museum revenue
  • Increase Engagement

    What does engagement mean to your museum? And how can your digital channels support its mission?

    Upsell new memberships. Engage your next generation of patrons. See how you can develop more meaningful connections with your audience.

    Increase your museum engagement 
  • Develop new patronage 

    Digital collectibles can be designed to act as a force for good. At Nimi, we’ll help you make that happen.Raise much-needed funds for your restoration projects, decolonization efforts, and emergency appeals.

    Enhance your museum fundraising

Why Nimi? Why now? 

Museums only  generate 14% of earned revenue from visitors.

 Your strategic vision is fundamental to the future of your museum. In it, there may well be questions that you need answers to. Is it possible to create a sound, sustainable model by growing earned revenues from visitors? Can tech enable a more direct link between your collections, revenue strategy, and audience development? What’s the best way to engage new and existing audiences?

At Nimi, our mission is to maximize your impact in the digital age and beyond. By working with your museum, we believe that NFT-enabled revenue solutions will help you deliver on your long-term missions of improving financial and engagement metrics. No extra capital outlay or specialist resource is needed. Talk to us so we can help you discover the right approach – and the benefits it could bring for you.

“The big challenge now is the balance between traditional museum activity and the social and participatory demands from new younger audiences”

  • +5-10% increase in earned revenues 

  • +5% of your digital audience converted to engaged patrons 

  • Raise funding for your most important causes & initiatives 

  • Collectibles industry will reach $692.4bn by 2032 

  • +$25bn sales generated from NFT artworks market in 2021 

  • Tapping into a new way for audiences to engage with art

How does the process work?

By leveraging the latest technology, we remove the friction and uncertainty for museums to be a part of this opportunity. Earned revenues, engagement, or philanthropic fundraising – book a workshop and tell us what matters to you. Nimi then explores what approach will work to fulfil your needs. In addition, we highlight the quantifiable benefits to your museum.

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Who do we partner with?

Build connections using NFT collectibles 

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Why should your museum consider digital collectibles? 

We know the question of why NFTs or digital collectibles is a contentious one. But we also believe in the long-term potential of this technology to act as an enabler for your institution. And we can offer a zero-risk introduction with our unique proposition; one that we tailor to match your key objectives – whether it’s to raise revenues or increase audience engagement. Get in touch with us for an introductory conversation about the possibilities.

What does your museum need to get started? 

Your museum already has the tools it needs to get started. At Nimi, we don’t propose a complete reset. Instead, we see the potential in your existing artworks and existing membership perks and patrons’ benefits. Our role is to use our passion and expertise to help make those archives and collections do more to help you achieve your strategic ambitions.

How long will it take to increase revenue/engagement? 

Any project scope will go through key phases to make sure we deliver the best possible results. First, we have our strategy and planning stage – where we understand exactly who your target audience is and what assets we intend to work with. The next stage is to create the digital collectibles in preparation for campaign launch.

Is there any capital investment required? 

No. Partnering with Nimi involves zero upfront cost. The implementation fee will then be covered by initial sales, followed by a transparent revenue sharing commercial model.

How do we measure the success of our partnership? 

This is an important step for us. We want to make sure our partnership is helping you meet your strategic goals while contributing to the long-term sustainability of cultural institutions. As such, our strategy and planning phase will help us define the key objectives. From this, we will have robust KPIs that we can track and analyze on an ‘always-on’ basis.