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Museum leaders are looking to digital collectibles as the future of patronage, engagement and philanthropy. But without a clear strategy and expertise, you may not maximize your investment choices. By collaborating with Nimi, you’ll benefit from guidance, resources and a unique partnership. Together we can capture the digital collectibles opportunity and prepare your institution to meet the needs of next-generation culture enthusiasts.

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Your partner for a sustainable future 

Nimi is a team of experts across culture, finance and fintech. Our blend of knowledge ensures we can create a tailored roadmap that builds on your existing digital presence. The future of your museum begins here, as our approach focuses on building engagement to unlock diverse, long-term revenue streams.

Harness the power of digital collectibles for your museum with Nimi. Discover a trusted partner that can both leverage your existing collection and build on new opportunities for sustainable success.

The advisory experience with Nimi

Wherever you are in your digital evolution, our team will be by your side to support NFT enablement in a way that works with your needs. We have a deep-rooted understanding of how technology works, and plenty of real-world knowledge to ensure your museum maximizes potential at every stage of development.

Our approach works in two ways, each addressing the need for both short-term revenue and long-term brand growth. For traditional museums, we can broaden the exposure of your collection by gamifying the museum experience. In the case of museums with contemporary artworks, we partner with emerging artists to offer collaborative, immersive events.

Why partner with Nimi?

Cultural institutions around the world are faced with a footfall challenge. Instead of fighting digital adoption and trying to increase in-person visits, we invite museum leaders to embrace digital-led strategies, powered by NFT enablement. Digital engagement has the power to increase and deepen the sense of belonging, ensuring long-term relationship development in conjunction with in-person experiences. This is why we work in collaboration with institutions of all sizes and types, bringing multi-layered adoption across the Americas, Europe, APAC and beyond.

Our mission is to build a sustainable future for global museums while meeting the demands of next generation members, patrons and culture enthusiasts.

What does collaboration look like to us?

For Nimi, collaboration means working in complete partnership with your institution to achieve a mission.

First, we build a strategy for success, where our team of experts speak with involved stakeholders to establish key objectives, target audiences and existing assets. Then, together, we build your digital collection, with complete pre-marketing, launch campaigns and sales execution. Finally, we analyze your post-launch performance for ‘always on’ adjustments that align to your unique engagement goals.

Creating partnerships with art museums like yours

Our diverse portfolio showcases the institutions and initiatives the Nimi team has already worked alongside, with a range of unique outcomes.

The opportunity for niche museums with ‘hidden gem’ collections is even greater. We invite you to speak with our experts to build your unique route to market today.

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Is Nimi all about NFTs?

For Nimi, digital transformation is all about addressing real-life challenges with the right technology. Our role as advisors is to find the best solution for your institution to drive engagement and revenue. We take a stepped approach, which is not always about NFT enablement, however NFT as a technology is currently the most efficient mean to deliver on this mission.

What do we need to partner with Nimi?

When you partner with Nimi, you immediately extend your team with experts in the digital collectible space. In a comprehensive onboarding process, we assess every chance for you to maximize potential, from wherever you are in your digital transformation journey.

How long does our partnership last?

To make the most of our true advisory experience, we remain close to your business following the initial launch of the digital collectibles collections. This ensures you continue to maximize future opportunities.

What is the cost to my museum?

There is no upfront cost to partner with Nimi. Your implementation fee will be covered by initial sales. Get in touch with us for a detailed ROI forecast.

Who is Nimi?  

Nimi is a diverse team of long-term cultural allies, finance experts, fintech developers and management consultants. This blend of experience powers an agnostic approach to NFT enablement. Find out more about our team and credentials on our about us page.