Sziget Festival is over for 2023! Szitizens, we can’t wait to celebrate with you again next year.

We had a fantastic time at Sziget Festival 2023, and it was great to connect with you that made it to Budapest.

The SzigetVibes VIP area was located by the Magic Mirror VIP zone, to the side of the Magic Mirror stage. SzigetVibes NFT Members Club holders could visit an exhibition of Tim King’s work there, were treated to a bespoke gift representing their chosen NFT and meet with fellow SzigetVibes NFT holders.

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The dates for Sziget Festival 2024 have been announced as 7-12 August 2024, and the tickets have gone on sale.

SzigetVibes Golden and Bliss NFT holders have the opportunity to purchase their Sziget Festival Full Pass at the Super Early Bird ticket price for themselves and one guest until August 2024.

In 2022, Sziget joined forces with Nimi to create SzigetVibes. SzigetVibes is the official partner of Sziget Festival for digital collectibles of your Sziget Festival, and lifelong discounts to attend. SzigetVibes Bliss Collection are digital works captured live by 2022 artist-in-residence Tim King of the Sziget Festival.

To redeem:

  1. Go to My Nimi > Redemptions > Validity Check to see if your benefits have been redeemed* using your token ID. You can find the token ID in the description of the NFT.
    If you have already validated your token ID, you can go directly to the Redemption page.

    *In order to redeem the benefits, remember to connect your wallet first.
  2. If your NFT hasn’t been redeemed yet, click on the Redeem button, which will take you to the Redemption page.
    There, enter your information, then choose the type and number of tickets you want, and accept the terms and conditions to proceed.
  3. You should now see a message that your NFT was redeemed successfully. You will receive a confirmation email with instructions leading to Sziget Festival’s ticketing portal where you can buy your tickets using a unique code.

    There is still time to get your own original digital collectibles from Sziget Festival. Collect unique mementos of your festival experience. Get your own original SzigetVibes NFT now.
    Sziget Festival has partnered with Nimi to offer its fans the opportunity to become the first owners of SzigetVibes NFTs, as captured by artist Tim King live at the 2022 Sziget Festival.
  • SzigetVibes Golden Collection

    SzigetVibes Golden Collection

    The most valuable and scarce of all the SzigetVibes NFTs which provides lifetime access for you and a friend to the Sziget festival. The artwork comes in the form of an animated golden 3D Sziget Festival memory. In addition to the iconic artwork and lifetime festival access, holders will also have the priceless embedded benefit of access to Sziget’s most exclusive VIP experience, including backstage special tours at the festival for your lifetime. A maximum of 10 Golden Ticket NFTs can be minted.
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  • SzigetVibes Bliss Collection

    SzigetVibes Bliss Collection


    Special mementos from Sziget 2022 through the eyes of artist Tim King, an award-winning London-based reportage illustrator who captured many quintessential festival vibes across the Island in 2022. Each NFT holder will have access to early bird discount in perpetuity, allowing 2 tickets (full festival tickets, excluding 3-day festival mini pass) at any time before each festival at the lowest ticket price available that year. In addition, NFT holders have access to an exclusive area available only to NFT Club members. A maximum of 150 editions can be minted per Bliss NFT design.

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  • SzigetVibes Joy Collection

    SzigetVibes Joy Collection

    Collect unforgettable moments from Sziget 2022 in the form of digital collectibles. Iconic scenes were captured by official Sziget photographers at this year’s festival to relive magical days and nights on the Island of Freedom. Each NFT will come with a membership to the NFT Club community, with first access to future NFT drops and unique special perks. A maximum of 400 editions can be minted per Joy NFT design.
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What is an NFT?

NFTs, or Non-fungible tokens, are one-of-a-kind digital items, with proof of ownership stored on a blockchain. They function both as a digital collectible, often of an artwork, and a membership certificate. NFT technology allows us to demonstrate verifiable ownership of a unique image, GIF, video file and can entitle owners to special rights like a VIP pass and backstage tours. Sziget Festival will “mint” limited editions of artworks that capture iconic memories from Sziget 2022 and entitle the holders to specific rights and privileges at future Sziget Festivals.

Where do I store my NFT?

Your NFT is stored in your personal Wallet. The Wallet has a public code that the world identifies you with and a private code so only you can access it. Both the Pre-Festival Free NFTs and SzigetVibes NFTs are minted using the Polygon blockchain and would require a Polygon-compatible wallet, such as Metamask or Payrue.

Are NFTs enviromentally friendly?

It is true that some NFTs use a huge amount of energy. It is important to understand that making NFTs does not directly link with high energy consumption. It is the Proof-of-Work consensus algorithm that some blockchains use to verify transactions that uses lots of energy.

Nimi uses Proof-of-Stake blockchains such as Polygon that can be multiple factors more efficient, process transactions at a much higher speed, and keep the energy consumption minimal. A transaction on Polygon takes less energy than a single Google search.

Can an NFT to be copied or forged?

A blockchain is a distributed ledger on which any information can be stored. Unlike other shared databases, information stored on a blockchain cannot be changed or rewritten. Whenever an NFT is minted and stored on a blockchain, an accurate and permanent record exists of when it was created, and by whom. While you can go and mint an NFT that is seemingly identical to a popular or valuable NFT, its provenance and chain of title is impossible to fake.

Tell me more about the Free NFTs and SzigetVibes NFTs. What can I do with them?

Free NFTs were only offered in 2022 to jumpstart Sziget’s very first NFT community. ‘Lovehands’ and ‘Rain Grove’ are images of actual artworks at Sziget Festival 2019. They bring back fond memories of the Sziget Art of Freedom creations and the last festival before COVID. Now, with the launch of SzigetVibes 2022, you will have the chance to collect the latest memories from Sziget 2022.

Those who registered for our NFT newsletter received early access to the SzigetVibes NFT drop in November before the public release. SzigetVibes NFTs are unique mementos that represent your 2022 Sziget Festival experience. These one-of-a-kind artworks capture a wide range of iconic memories from Sziget 2022. They are offered in 3 tiers, with the most exclusive SzigetVibes NFTs offering unique benefits and VIP access for future festivals.

In the near future, the top SzigetVibes collectors will have the opportunity to create a private virtual gallery through the Nimi platform where you can display your digital memories and showcase your unique collection with friends.

When and where do I redeem Golden Collection NFTs?

The Golden Collection is a category of NFTs that unlocks lifetime benefits. In order to redeem festival benefits each year, Golden Collection owners must verify their ownership on the Redemption page of the Nimi SzigetVibes website starting on February 2023 and redeemed up until 1st August 2023.

When and where do I redeem Bliss Collection NFTs?

The Bliss Collection is a category of NFTs that unlocks lifetime benefits. In order to redeem festival benefits each year, Bliss Collection owners must verify their ownership on the Redemption page of the Nimi SzigetVibes website starting with February 2023 and redeemed up until 1st August 2023.

What are the key terms of the NFT benefits?

Real-life benefits are only valid for festivals held in Budapest, Hungary in August. You must redeem the benefits by the date specified in the redemption window or the benefits will be forfeited for that year. In the event a Festival is not held for any reason, you will not receive the benefits. Benefits are valid so long as the Festival is produced by Sziget Kulturális Menedzser Iroda Zrt. All use of or access to the benefits are subject to festival rules and regulations at all times. Access benefits have no cash value and are not redeemable or exchangeable for other considerations.

The Illustrator (Tim King) retains copyright of the artworks in the Bliss Collection. Bliss Collection artworks have been licensed for personal NFT use only. No commercial use can be made of the artwork without acquiring a commercial license for the desired use from the Illustrator (Tim King).

What happens after i receive the email confirmation of buying the NFT?

Within 72 hours we will send your purchased NFTs to your wallet.