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Bliss Collection

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© 2022, Tim King

When stepping into the Artzone, my attention was instantly caught by a giant inflated sculpture called 'Venus' on exhibition in the center of the area. The huge, abstract and colourful structure was held upward by only a fan, and even though it dominated the space, it felt peaceful and soothing to watch as it slowly floated the wind. For me, this scene summed up what a visit to the Artzone felt like - a refreshing, yet calm and creative blast of colourful.  -Tim King, SzigetVibes 2022 Artist-in-Residence.



  • Early-Bird Discount Anytime & Forever!

    Lifetime access to the Sziget Festival’s early bird discount which can be redeemed before each festival. Each NFT holder will be eligible to purchase up to 2 tickets each year at the lowest ticket price available that year.
  • Unique Collectible Artwork

    Ownership of limited edition digital collectible from Sziget 2022 through the eyes of artist Tim King.
  • Exclusive Access to NFT Club Members Area

    Access to an exclusive NFT Club Member area on the Island available only to NFT Club members.
  • Digital NFT Club

    Membership and access to the SzigetVibes NFT Community with advanced notification and communication of future SizgerVibes NFT drops

Key Terms

  • Your NFTs will be delivered within 72 hours of purchase.
  • Images are only for personal, non-commercial use.
  • Only one of each individual NFT design can be purchased per transaction.
  • Owners must verify their ownership on the Redemption page of the Nimi SzigetVibes website starting from February 2023 and redemption will be opened up until 2 weeks before the Festival.
  • See Terms & Conditions and FAQ for further information.