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Magic Mirror

Magic Mirror

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© 2022, Tim King

The Magic Mirror tent is oozing with colour and energy, which makes it an incredible place to draw. But at first, it felt quite overwhelming - there was so much happening and my eye was being caught in every direction that it was hard to focus. The reason for that was because the venue is circular, and mirrors are placed on every wall and every pillar within the venue. So all of the energy and light was being reflected hundreds of times, back and forth between mirrors all around the room. In the end, I managed to narrow my focus by choosing just one of the many mirrors and using it as a frame. I drew the reflection within. - Tim King, SzigetVibes 2022 Artist-in-Residence.



  • Early-Bird Discount Anytime & Forever!

    Lifetime access to the Sziget Festival’s early bird discount which can be redeemed before each festival. Each NFT holder will be eligible to purchase up to 2 tickets (full festival pass) each year at the lowest price available that year*.

    *Excludes 3-day festival mini pass.

  • Unique Collectible Artwork

    Ownership of limited edition digital collectible from Sziget 2022 through the eyes of artist Tim King.
  • Exclusive Access to NFT Club Members Area

    Access to an exclusive NFT Club Member area on the Island available only to NFT Club members.
  • Digital NFT Club

    Membership and access to the SzigetVibes NFT Club with advanced notification and communication of future SizgetVibes NFT drops.

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  • Your NFTs will be delivered within 72 hours of purchase.
  • Images are only for personal, non-commercial use.
  • Only one of each individual NFT design can be purchased per transaction.
  • Owners must verify their ownership on the Redemption page of the Nimi SzigetVibes website starting from February 2023 and redemption will be opened until 1st August 2023.
  • See Terms & Conditions and FAQ for further information.