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We partner with the Belvedere Museum in Vienna to offer “The Kiss”, Gustav Klimt‘s masterpiece, as collectible NFTs to global art fans

This NFT drop means more than the chance to own a fraction of the digital image of The Kiss. It means creating a personal connection to this masterpiece. Becoming part of a community that will be written into the pages of the history of art and viewed as a pioneer in the metaverse.

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We transformed unique memories of one of Europe’s largest and most iconic cultural festivals into digital collectibles with real-life benefits

Nimi advised Sziget Festival to build, develop and implement its NFT Strategy - SzigetVibes. Szitizens now have the opportunity to collect & invest in NFTs with real-life utilities and financial benefits. The exclusive one-of-a-kind artwork were created during the live events and represent the unique memories of iconic Sziget moments.

We enable cultural patrons to collect & invest in unique NFT artworks sustaining the future of cultural institutions.

Nimi NFTs Unique Benefits

Offering benefits of a global social club of likeminded cultural enthusiasts, Nimi NFTs are digital collectibles of your most loved cultural experiences and a membership certificate to access real-life benefits in partnership with some of the world’s most iconic cultural institutions.

Our mission is to promote art & culture engagement, developing a sustainable model for cultural institutions of the future.

We are a diverse team of entrepreneurs driven by our passion for the arts and the mission of ensuring the sustainability of our cultural institutions.

Our founding team is a group of entrepreneurs with decades of strategy, management andoperational experience in digital media, blockchain platforms, financial markets, investmentsand – above all – a passion for the arts.

Nimi is supported by a global community of distinguished investors, including The University of Chicago.

We develop, create, and bring to life NFT strategies connecting Cultural Institutions & Digital Patrons.

Be part of the Nimi community of cultural patrons

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