Leveraging digital collectibles to engage the next generation

The digital age has changed the way millennials and Gen Z engage with culture. By partnering with Nimi and our NFT-enabled solutions, museums can build a community of culture enthusiasts with a clear pathway towards long-term patronage.

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Enhance your audience engagement strategy

We increase engagement in two ways, which address both immediate needs and long-term brand strategy.

First, we increase digital footfall and engagement, through innovations involving existing audiences – such as those on social media and traditional museum visitors and members. Then, we outreach, leveraging brand and demand marketing to engage new audiences. The aim is to build an emotionally attached community that feels compelled to give back.

Digital collectible to engagement driver: key benefits

  • Measured success

    By embracing digital transformation, museums will not only benefit from increased revenue, but also 5% conversion from their digital audiences, to engaged collectors and future patrons.

  • The Collectors’ Circle

    Historically, it was believed that the more frequent a visitor is, the more likely they are to become a long-term donor. However, instead, research shows that patronage is based on a sense of belonging, and deepened community membership.

  • A pathway to future patronage

    Engagement is the foundation to develop a deeper relationship with the next generation of patrons. For example, targeted events and benefit touchpoints provide an opportunity to cross-promote and deepen relationships, while shop discounts encourage further spending.

Digital collectibles and the engagement opportunity

Digital transformation is happening, and your institution likely already has this as a key strategic objective. From social media followers and web visitors to digital memberships, your list of engaged online audiences is continually growing. Now, blockchain technology enables museums to leverage the collection in a more engaging way by gamifying the museum experience.

At present, most art museums only have 5% of their collection on display at any given point. This shortfall is limiting engagement and patronage potential. By taking pieces to the digital space with NFT-enabled digital collectible, you can give fans better access to your collections and build deeper connections. This empowers hands-on engagement in the form of collecting, curating, and displaying these cultural assets in personal, digital galleries.

  • Revenue generation

    Enable new, long-term revenue streams

  • Increased engagement

    Curate the Nimi and museum community

  • Support greater causes

    Increase philanthropy opportunities that engage a global audience

Supporting your museum engagement strategy

Nimi’s mission, first and foremost, is to build a sustainable, culture-rich future for years to come. To do this, we promote art and culture engagement in ways that the next generation will embrace. With NFT enablement, coupled with our expertise, you’ll benefit from earned revenue and engagement solutions that inspire, build revenue and create a sustainable business model. Our measured, yet pioneering approach to digital transformation is reinforced by the Nimi Foundation, an initiative which sees us donate a portion of our profits to technology adoption in the culture sector.

Adoption across organizations is multi-layered, and we have real-world experience of building revenue in this way. In partnership with your team, we will optimize demand generation across global partnerships in the Americas, Europe, APAC and beyond.

Case studies

Our diverse portfolio highlights the institutions and initiatives the Nimi team has already worked alongside, with a range of unique outcomes.

The engagement opportunity for niche museums with ‘hidden gem’ collections is even greater. We invite you to speak with our experts to build your unique route to market today.

How we increase museum engagement

  • Strategic consulting

    Find, identify and create engagement opportunities

  • Global partnerships

    Leverage worldwide connections to showcase your offering

  • A shared mission

    To find the right path to digital transformation

How can we support your museum engagement strategy?

Build your engagement goals in a tailored Nimi workshop.

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Can we help with your museum engagement strategy?

Protecting works of art, heritage, science and history is key to the sustainable development of cultural institutions. Nimi will empower you to meet the engagement demands of current and future patrons, while developing a sustainable stream of revenue.

What is the process for getting started?

With the Nimi partnership, you’ll immediately extend your team with experts in the digital collectibles space. In a comprehensive onboarding process, we assess every chance for you to maximize your potential, from wherever you are in your digital transformation journey.

How long could it take to increase museum engagement?

The process of adopting a new revenue solution is unique to each institution. However, our approach generally falls into three phases.

This begins with strategy and planning, where our team of experts will speak with involved stakeholders to establish key objectives, target audiences and existing assets. Then, we begin to build your digital collection, with complete pre-marketing, launch campaigns and sales execution. Finally, we analyze your post-launch performance for ‘always on’ adjustments that align to your unique engagement goals.

The timing of this process depends on where you are in your digital transformation journey. However, as guidance, an example from a current partnership involved a timeline of 30 days to plan, and a further 30 days to execute and launch.

What is the cost to my museum?

There is no upfront cost to partner with Nimi. Your implementation fee will be covered by initial sales. Get in touch for a detailed ROI forecast.

What KPIs are used to measure the project's success?

As a benchmark, we expect institutions to convert +5% of their digital audience to engaged patrons.

However, at the planning and development stage of onboarding, our team will offer personalized metrics, which you can measure against ongoing reporting from our expert team. This includes details of sales, conversions and memberships, segmented by region and audience, gathered in compliance with GDPR and privacy policies.

Who is Nimi?

Nimi is a diverse team of long-term cultural allies, finance experts, fintech developers and management consultants. This combination of experience empowers an agnostic approach to NFT enablement. Find out more about our team and credentials on the about us page.